Self Driven and Classroom-based Professional Development for the 21st Century.

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Konrad Glogowski does an excellent key note titled Self Driven and Classroom-based Professional Development for the 21st Century.  He goes to the root in the steps to make a teacher truly profession in her practice. It is a belief and practice that has changed me as a classroom teacher for the last 15 years. The key note is so powerful that I am sharing it here and underneath the key note are my notes. My notes will turn into further inquiry as I process all the thinking in that I learned from Konrad.

Teachers need to be classroom practitioners and use reflective practice.
Refrain from getting caught in the buzz words in education. How does it fit in the way we teacher?
We need to listen to our classroom- First node to explore
Learn with kids.  Teacher is a learner with their kids
Risks of just being implementers of tasks and strategies.
Tools run the risk of driving the classroom- Web 2.O
Learning with helps us focus on who we are.

Classroom based professional develop

  • daily experiences
  • who we are and what we do in our classrooms
  • we have alot to learn from our classroom practice and students
  • teachers engage as learners.
  • Asks critical questions
  • organic enviroment – principle, values, belief, strategies, tasks
  • Teacher and students work together to assess their needs-
  • Start by building a relationship with teachers- we need to know them very well and involve them in planning curriculum.
  • Classroom environment- organic entities… observe and ask critical questions.
  • Show the belief by involving our students-
  • All this leads to meaningful action-
  • Involves teachers in meaningful learning- students too

Reflective practice

  • crucial aspect- totally agree
  • not easy–requires we ask difficult questions and see it through different lenses
  • Articulate our context-
  • discover limiting forces and practices
  • work to effect change.
  • define reflection- look back events and
  • need to focus on content and how the process
  • Why do I avoid certain topic?
  • Process- confront, question, describe
  • describe ourselves-
  • Question ourselves
  • confront ourselves-

Look at ourselves in context. Identify the areas in need of improvement. What are my weaknesses?
What is happening here? Is it working? Please? Proud? Concerned? How do these practices make us feel?

Unpack our classroom practices
What are the forces that cause us to teach a certain way?
See a lesson from a different point of view…..
What are the root of a certain practice?

Confronting- Critical reflection
deeply personal ideo construction
historical expression shaped values
Where did the values and beliefs come from
How does it effect our classroom and students
who we are- what we think we should be.

Reconstruction our practices
Build a new professional practices-
Everything we do we have a strong historical
how can things be different
How can I effect change in my classroom?

21st century
investigate our practices constantly= inquiry and knowledge building

What lies at the root of our daily classroom practice?
Researchers of our own practice..

Learn with a PLN and working together

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