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  • "One would assume that I developed my philosophy of education based upon my own experiences as a student. Or perhaps I synethesized the philosophical books I read in college (one part Aristotle, another part Mills, add some Wittgenstein) or maybe it had to do with the influence of my mentor, Brad. Perhaps all of that is true. However, I am realizing that my philosophy of education began much sooner. On so many levels, it is a synthesis of what my own parents believe. "
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  • WordSteps is a resource for learning the vocabulary of your choice of nine languages. To start learning vocabulary with WordSteps select the language you are trying to learn then choose a set of vocabulary words in that language. WordSteps provides six types of practice activities for each set of vocabulary words. The sets of vocabulary words are called dictionaries by WordSteps. You can use the dictionaries made by other WordSteps users or create your own dictionary. WordSteps can be used without creating an account, but in order to create your own dictionary you must create an account.
  • "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"
  • Online study guide provider Shmoop recently added a new slideshow feature to their free offerings. Shmoop now offers slideshows about many topics in their study guides for US History, Civics, Literature, and a new section dedicated to Shakespeare. The slideshows are designed as visual aid supplements to their existing guides. Some of the subjects of the slideshows include King Lear, the War of 1812, and US Political Parties.
  • IWB activity This activity is designed to introduce pupils to the idea that some everyday objects need electricity to work. The initial page asks pupils to identify items that use electricity. Subsequent pages ask the pupils to drag electrical items into the room in a house where they might be used. The final page asks pupils to identify objects that need either mains or battery power to work and can be used to initiate discussion on safety (battery being safer than mains).
  • "Welcome to TeachPaperless. This is a blog meant to help teachers create and maintain SocialTech-integrated Paperless Classrooms. In addition, our community regularly posts and comments on all aspects of paperless, digital, and technological culture as it relates to education."
  • "We now need someone who can save our brave fighting men and women from that cruel, inhuman form of torture known as “Death by PowerPoint.” That one man who can save our nation is Chris Craft. Chris has traveled across our great nation extolling the virtues of simpler presentations. He believes carefully chosen pictures and phrases are much better at communicating an idea better than placing every word on a slide. This less-is-more approach is just what we need to save our nation. Chris, if you are reading this, you need to catch the first thing smoking to Afghanistan to root out the evil that threatens to turn our brave fighting forces into zombies who will do our enemies’ bidding. Do this and you will return to take your place in the Pantheon of Great American Heroes."
  • "Quick, how many of you brought a television, VCR, DVD player, and/or computer from home to use in your classroom? Maybe you still do. Crafty teachers do all kinds of things to get equipment to help them do their job better even if it means spending their own money. One of the first DVD players I saw in the "wild" or outside a store was when a fellow teacher brought one in to show movie clips to her class. An announcement at a recent Tech Coach meeting about YouTube being throttled took me back to those times. Due to bandwidth restrictions, teachers will need to download YouTube videos at home then bring them to school. "

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