Advantages of Multimedia in the Classroom

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Advantages of implementing multimedia  in the classroom include:

  • Motivation – This is important as we have learned that we must first engage the attention of our students before they are ready to learn.
  • Learning styles addressed – Multimedia allows teachers to address various learning styles in the classroom. Students can see, hear, and imagine what things feel like as multimedia is used to bring a subject to life.
  • Technology standards addressed – Technology is an important aspect of life today. Students must be ready to compete in a highly technological world.
  • Access to limitless resources for teaching and learning – Teachers are no longer limited to textbooks as vast amounts of knowledge and teaching ideas may be explored.
  • Student centered learning – Students will show accountability for learning when collaborative activities or project based learning is implemented through technology.
  • One reason to implement multimedia into the classroom is because it is engaging. Multimedia allows us to make our lessons entertaining, therefore grabbing the attention of our students.
  • The second reason is that it allows us to provide differentiated instruction. Having different ways to present information to our students allows teachers to meet the needs of all students.
  • The third reason is that multimedia is a great way to make sure our lessons are organized. There are many tools that we can use to help organize our presentation, therefore making it easier to understand.
  • The fourth reason is that we are exposing our students to the real world. Our students are going to be required to use multimedia in their jobs one day and by exposing them at an early age we are preparing them for the future.
  • The last reason to use multimedia is that is can enhance concepts that are not as interesting as others. There are many ways that the web can turn a not so interesting topic into something the students are willing to learn.
  • Students relate to visual interactions, especially if there is a game like atmosphere to the presentation. This method helps the students become more engaged in the project.
  • Life long skills. Many of the skills required to participate in a multimedia project are the same used on a daily basis outside of school and in college.
  • Higher level thinking skills. Multimedia projects can raise the level of understanding and application of a subject matter.
  • Pictures speak a thousand words. ELL learners or learners with other disabilities can get a lot out of the project by possibly listening to part of the information while seeing a picture that relates to the words.
  • Classroom management. Class web sites can provide “one stop shopping.” Handouts, assignments, rubrics can all be accessible to students whenever they may need further information. This is also handy for students to complete their work whenever it is convenient for them.
  • 1. Motivation- Students find the use of multimedia very motivating and entertaining.
  • Addresses multiple learning styles- Material is presented using various learning styles simultaneously. For example auditory and visual approaches.
  • Improves Traditional Audio-Video Presentations- Audiences are more attentive to multimedia messages than traditional presentations done with slides or overhead transparencies.
  • Increase in comprehension- Full interaction with the user which creates greater comprehension and higher level thinking skills.
  • Preparation for the future- Exposing students to this type of presentation will prepare them to use and understand this type of technology in the future.
  • It is a media that our students can relate to. Many of our students have Ipods. When we use them in the classroom then we get their attention and they are willing to work harder.
  • Teachers are able to step back and be the facilitator while students are engaged in group projects.
  • Helps to prepare the teacher. A quality multimedia presentation makes sure that preparation has been done a head of time so that class instruction will be organized, include a variety of learning types, and be relevant.
  • Teaches skills that will help our students become life-long learners and prepared for the job force.
  • Helps students to retain and increase the learning because they are engaged, using more than one sense, provides scaffolding, visuals, and higher order thinking.
  • 1. For the student who is consistently absent (guidance, sickness, ISS, OSS), having multimedia presentations means that they can see the materials when they finally do get to class, thereby receiving the same opportunities for learning.
  • Since multimedia presentations are relatively new, they replace antiquated materials that students today lose interest very quickly. This is great for mainstreamed classrooms. The students at all levels of the learning spectrum can identify and use information in a meaningful way to them.
  • Educators can adapt the multimedia presentation for those students that may be physically challenged. Students with hearing impairments, or physical disabilities will be able to use the hardware adaptations necessary to succeed with the programs.
  • Language barriers can be knocked down by using any of the language transition facilities, thereby allowing students to use their knowledge in their own language and then translate for the educator to understand or vice-versa.
  • Multimedia presentations allow students to work at their own pace, teachers are able to implement IEPs more easily. Teaching assistants and non- teaching assistants can help differentiated during special tutoring time.
  • Motivation: Today’s students need to be motivated to learn now more than ever before. Multi media incorporates learning with entertainment. For the most part, students just enjoy working on computers thereby making learning fun.
  • Learning styles: Multi media addresses many different learning styles simultaneously. It is a built in way to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of many students.
  • Drill and practice: Students enjoy practicing and studying much more when they can do so through a multi media game.
  • Word Processing and Presentations: Final products are much cleaner and neater. It is also a much faster process than writing things out longhand.
  • Exploration: The use of multi=media allows students to explore areas of interest. It is much easier to jump online to research a topic than to drag oneself to the library and read a book.

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  • Pat

    Great list! I will use this list for my summer class for teachers!

  • Lee

    Great post! I plan to use this in workshops I conduct in my district. I would like to add another advantage is that in order for teachers to use multimedia in the classroom, teachers themselves must be proficent in not only the technology but also the integration of the technology or it will be lost. If students aren’t involved in project based learning, using the technology becomes simply "old wine in a new bottle." In order to do this, teachers typically create and reach out to their Personal Learning Networks whether it be the teacher’s lounge at their school, collaborative projects with other teachers, reading and commenting on blogs and getting in on those conversations, attending and presenting at conferences, and/or using social networking sites such as Twitter. Once teachers become involved in these PLNs, the advantages to their professional learning is too many to mention. I think that is a huge advantage!

  • bgaskins

    Dear Lee,
    I could not agree with you more. Teachers must take controll of their personal learning and grow with the students. I see to many teachers forgeting about personal learning and growing. This makes it to easy to fail the kids we teach. Teaching is hard and those who cannot stand the head need to leave.

  • Joan

    Lee, Increasing our awareness of the possibilities inherent in the new web 2.0 technologies should be one of an educators intentions. School districts must realize that budgets must support these new breakthrough technologies in order to prepare our youth for a future that is certain to be technological.

    Your article addresses so many reasons why multimedia engages our students in ways where other teaching methodologies fall short. Another offering of multimedia is allowing students to gather data and “construct” this information into presentations of their own. It also allows teachers to teach what they have taught year after year in new ways with new information A science teacher reading about man walking on the moon certainly enhances the lesson with students seeing a video clip with a voice saying.” the Eagle has landed..while watching men walk on the moon. So much is possible with all of the sources on the internet.

    Just as 500 years ago, Christopher Columbus stood on the edge of the unknown , we too must consider that the effective uses possible with technology is only limited by our own imaginations.

    Whether teachers have one teaching station or a lab in the school, each provide unique opportunities for implementing technology into the teaching of their beloved subjects. Just as T. Roosevelt said, ” Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

  • admin

    You make a valid point! We know students are learning when they have the opportunity to construct information into a presentation. We then have real and valid evidence of knowledge being constructed. Thanks for your meaningful comment.

    Bill Gaskins

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  • monethe

    thanks to your wonderful ideas….it helps me a lot in my studies…..keep up the good work and try to develop your ideas continually…and always share your knowledge to everyone.

    • bgaskins

      Thanks you so much for writing. I created that list over a year ago and it has been a big hit. I think that list was actually revised by some my readers from my blog.

      Please drop by often and help me out with a conversation.


  • monito

    that’s a great idea….thanks for sharing your knowledge for everybody…it will helps me allot in my current subject entitled ”Educational Technology”.
    hope that we’ll get in touch by sharing of one’s bright and wonderful ideas..
    we all know that technology is continuously growing that’s why the way of teaching of learning modified to higher expectation and responsibilities. never stop posting your ideas from this site cause many believes in you and in what you believe is good for the teachers and students.

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  • shazia

    thats a great idea..thanks for writing this important and use ful article…it is very helpful 4 me in my studes….i use this article 4 my presentation toic….its vry helpful 4 students as wel as the teacherz…..once again thnkz….

  • ash shikano

    i’m use your article as my reference for my assignment. anyway, thanks a lot.

    • sangeeta dosieah

      Very interesting article which will be very helpful to me as a teacher and for my PGCE course. Thank you

  • bgaskins

    1. Enhancement of Text Only Messages: Multimedia enhances text only presentations by adding interesting sounds and compelling visuals.

    2. Improves over Traditional Audio-Video Presentations: Audiences are more attentive to multimedia messages than traditional presentations done with slides or overhead transparencies.

    3. Gains and Holds Attention: People are more interested in multimedia messages which combine the elements of text, audio, graphics and video. Communication research has shown that the combination of communication modes (aural and visual) offers greater understanding and retention of information.

    4. Good for “computer-phobics”: Those who are intimidated by computer keyboards and complex instructions are more comfortable with pressing buttons with a mouse or on a screen.

    5. Multimedia is Entertaining as Well as Educational:

  • bgaskins

    Increases learning effectiveness.

    · Is more appealing over traditional, lecture-based learning methods.

    · Offers significant potential in improving personal communications, education and training efforts.

    · Reduces training costs.

    · Is easy to use.

    · Tailors information to the individual.

    · Provides high-quality video images & audio.

    · Offers system portability.

    · Frees the teacher from routine tasks.

    · Gathers information about the study results of the student.

  • rica zuneiga

    Hi! I’m Rica 4th year college student from Philippines. I actually read an article here in your site that really help me a lot in my research.
    I’m working on my thesis about multimedia presentation being used in literary piece comprehension in literature classes. I’m just wondering if you know some references that i can work on.. thank you for reading my e-mail..

  • meenu

    learn a lot,thnx very much

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