David Coleman on ELA Common Core Standards

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Watch this video presentation here: http://neric.welearntube.org/?q=node/146

Shifts in literacy with CC

1. 50 percent stories and 50 percent informational text. We know in K-5 that is where the foundation of knowledge is developed.  Great place to learn about the world and create mental structures for future learning.

2. The building of knowledge rest in science and technical subjects art, history, technology, engineering.  The ELA Common Core includes those content area. Those subjects demand that literacy drives learning in those areas. Reading, writing, and thinking. Literacy plays a major role in gaining knowledge in those subjects.

3. Text complexity matters. The difficulty and complexity of the text plays a major role in guiding literacy performance rather than the skills by which you are reading it. First time there is step in complexity of text as student increase in grade level.

4. Focusing on questions that require you to pay attention to the text itself.

5. Writing- Shift to getting student to write persuasive arguments with researched supporting evidence.

6. Academic vocabulary is the true language of power. True for language learners.

Summation: Read like a detective and write like a conscientious investigative reporter

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