Mind Shift

November 4, 2011 by bgaskins · 5 Comments · 21st Century, learning, reflecting, Teaching

There has to be a mind shift from the familiar traditional learning environment.


In a traditional learning environment the classroom is teacher centered and the teacher is upstage and the teacher has all the control over learning.

21st century thinking the thinking is reversed. The classroom is learner centered and what happens in the classroom the focus is on the learner and the process of learning. Good teaching grows out of the number one priority- the learner and then the guaranteed viable curriculum. First we focus on the skills that the learners have already acquired. We use those skill (habits) in the practice of learning and the teacher develops instruction to build the skill the learner needs in real time learning.

The mind shift has to focus on what the learner does with the literacy skills in the practice of learning. Teachers hone in on those skills that need to be sharpened to improve the ability of the student to learn. The teachers are the facilitators and mentors, guiding students through learning and creation in powerful ways. Students no longer come to school to receive information from a teacher. The challenge becomes to re-imagine the classroom to make it the place where students and teachers come together face-to-face to create shared knowledge. Classrooms and school must take advantage of the abundance of information and data that is being shared through the Internet. No longer is information a scarcity. No longer have the teacher and the textbook held the scarce information. Learning in the traditional sense relies heavily on the teachers knowledge and the textbook.

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