Great Collaborative Planning

Today I had an hour phone conference with Dwight McInvall, the director of the Georgetown County Library System and Julie Warren, head of the digital collection with the library system. We spent most of the time planning our November 11, parent/student workshop on Digital Storytelling using the digital collection that can be found on-line at Our goal is to have each parent and child team develop to write a family story using pictures from the online digital collection of Georgetown County. Our agenda will include the following:
1. Bill Gaskins (me) will give the introduction and show them examples of the end project. (five minutes)
2. We have a local storyteller who will give ideas about how to tell or create story. (10 minutes max)
3. The person over the digital story collection will show the selected photos and talk about the online collection. (10 minutes max)
4. I will teach how to create the storyboard. (5 minutes)
5. For the next 30 minutes, teams will go off and create their storyboard. We will have printed pictures of all to use in the collection available for the teams. I thinking we will have packets of pictures for each team, provide scissors, glue, chart paper, etc .for story board creation.
6. Bill and two Cavers Bay Middle students will give an overview of how to use Photo Story Three, import pictures, layer text, audio, and music. We will allow about 45 minutes to an hour for work time.
7. Then we will have an Oscars Ceremony and award each team a certificate of participation.
This is an ambitious plan, but doable…….